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Here’s why it’s really really really really great.


Laser-focused details to help you research your market and start your business.  

Say no more, 
I'm in!

In 2008 we took a leap of faith and decided to start a mobile ultrasound company. Having no sales experience, I knew we needed some guidance and decided to sign on with Advanced Imaging. They delivered beyond our expectations! Without them, we would not be the company we are today.  I strongly recommend their consulting services!

“This was the best investment we could have made.”

- Ron, new york

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so that you have a strategic overview of the biz, a step by step plan to incorporate & hash out the details of revenue, startup & ongoing cost, so that you're ready to hit the ground running when the time comes


with the details needed to plan out your mobile ultrasound business with our 15-page, detailed business plan template


to know what your market looks like and the average revenue you can bring into your mobile ultrasound business.


create a

what if

market analysis

business plan


craft your

plan your

you had the exact tools to...

what if

you had the exact tools to:

We've got ya covered.

stop researching & trying
to reinvent the wheel.

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I'm Jennifer.

oh hey there!

You must be ready to uplevel your business startup game...I am ready for ya!

Why me? Why Advanced Imaging? Let me give you a little background first.

Nearly two decades ago I hated my job and decided to take the plunge into business ownership. Not having a clue how to master a mobile ultrasound business, we started on a wing and a prayer.  I always joke to our students that we made all the mistakes, so that you don't have to!

Fast forward and after nearly twenty years in this industry, we've created our own methods, tactics, and tried and true plans that we've been teaching our students for over a decade. 

We can't wait for you to be our next success story. 

Market Analysis + Business Plan Templates

module one

First things first, you need to know what the profit potential is for your business, what your market looks like and you need a business plan. We've got you covered!  A customizable Market Analysis and the tips and the websites to visit to grab the information you need to put it together and to know what you'll charge for your services. A customizable business plan and an overview of the profit and loss information for you to be able to gather the info you need to have a business plan for your company,


Business Model Overview

module two

Next, we'll focus on how you should be setting up your business to be able to be as profitable as possible right out of the gate. A comprehensive business overview, so that you know exactly how your business should be structured and the laws and regulations governing mobile ultrasound services. We'll also look at some case studies to review how this actually works in practice.


Incorporating Your Business

module three

In module 3 we go over the details for incorporating your business and reviewing the types of insurance you'll need to have for your business. We will look at what you need to know for your city, state, and the IRS when incorporating your business. Module 3 also reviews the types of insurance and the details on what specifics you need to ask for to ensure you're covered!


when you enroll, here is exactly what you'll be cracking open:

Customizable Market Analysis and Business Plan  (a $1500 value)
Business Startup and Operation Cost Details (a $150 value)
Revenue Potential, Service Pricing Suggestions, & Case Studies (a $750 value)     
Complete Detailed Business Model & Legal Review of the Structure (a $950 value)
How to Incorporate Your Business (a $150 Value)
Requirements for insurance coverage (a $75 value)

whip out that calculator, that's a value of $3,575!

Let's do this!

I'm ready to take you from confused to confident.

Enroll TODAY for just $397. 

I'm ready! Enroll me today! >>

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come hang with me on instagram


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