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your elite blueprint for starting and scaling your mobile ultrasound business.

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What if instead of recreating the wheel, you had a tried and true plan laid out in front of you that not only saved you time, but saved you nearly 70% of the average startup costs?

That's exactly what you'll find in the Ultrasound Business Academy. Come along with me as I walk you through business startup and beyond, the details I've learned over nearly 20 years running our own mobile ultrasound business. I've spent over a decade helping hundreds of clients start, operate, and grow their businesses and I can't wait to see our next round of clients begin their journey.

Welcome to the
Ultrasound Business Academy.

Ready for your life to change? Let's do this.

This program includes everything you need to start and grow your mobile ultrasound business.

customizable market analysis & business plan

business startup & operation cost details

the four pillars of success in the mobile ultrasound industry

revenue potential & how to price your services 

service case studies

complete detailed business model overview

specific review of the legal structure required for mobile ultrasound 

requirements for insurance coverage 

how to incorporate your business in your city, state, and with the irs 

how to find local reimbursement rates 

video navigation on how to use the CMS website 

billing procedures & requirements 

billing practices review to ensure legal compliance 

info on lcD's to ensure your docs are billing proper diagnosis coding 

detailed contract review  

billing details to ensure docs are within the legal exceptions  

download: contract required for providing ultrasound services 

download: contract required for HIPAA compliance  

how to find physicians to market your services to

steps to keeping your prospects organized 

detailed 5-step sales process created by medical sales professionals

sales training videos 

download: customizable brochure

download: customizable service information list

download: powerpoint sales presentation

strategizing your time & business focus

time management & goal setting parameters

strategic growth plan - exactly what to do weekly to grow your business 

setting up a new client: details & paperwork 

what to include in your implementation meeting for new clients

downloads: patient prep, operational procedures, service overview 

downloads: new client info sheet, startup checklist, customizable protocols

video training on how physicians should set their ultrasound pricing 

daily account tracking & invoicing your physicians 

Study at your own pace

modules & downloads available 24/7

have a coach with you along the way

Follow a proven roadmap

"Advanced Imaging provided me with an abundance of resources and knowledge to help me with every step of starting my business. The best part is, they continue to assist me as my business grows!"

joni from kansas says

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real results


Students who have taken our courses


Years with our own ultrasound business


Years of business coaching experience


Number of physicians across the country working with our clients

Done for you custom logo, business card, and website

Template revenue analysis sheet to present to physicians to showcase the revenue potential of bringing in your service

Designed for you sales funnel with actual scripts on exactly what to say to your potential clients

Exclusive access to our vendor list (think PACS, supplies, insurance, wholesale ultrasound equipment, interpreting physician referrals)

Ok, are you ready to hear about the exclusive bonuses?

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We enroll a handful of new clients once a quarter, keeping our sessions small to ensure individual attention.

All clients have unlimited, lifetime access to our client web portal with on-demand trainings, downloads, etc right at your fingertips.



Clients have exclusive access to coaching for a 6 month container, complete with 1:1 strategy calls & unlimited messaging support


Pre-registration is available, and suggested, to ensure your slot is saved in the upcoming cohort as it is on a first come, first served basis for accepted applicants.


Pre-registrants gain access to Module 1, and once enrollment is complete during registration week, access to the remainder of the modules is granted along with access to Jen on our messaging app for coaching.



Jen's got a sneak peek of the back-end client portal for you!

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

— shane

“After completing this program I finally started attracting my dream clients.”



“Ginny encouraged me to finally go out on my own and start my own business. I don't regret it for a second!

Steven Started his own biz


real results

here is exactly what you'll be cracking open during our next session:

Customizable Market Analysis and Business Plan
Business Startup and Operation Cost Details
Revenue Potential, Service Pricing Suggestions, & Case Studies    
Complete Detailed Business Model & Legal Review of the Structure
How to Incorporate Your Business
Requirements for insurance coverage
Service Agreement Contract crafted by healthcare attorneys
Business Associate Agreement that covers HIPAA requirements
BONUS: Services Agreement for providing staffing and nursing home services
Legal overview of the business
Contract Agreement review
Vendor list with no minimums and exclusive student-only discounts
5 Step Sales Process detailed review with video training
Website design
Customized Logo
Marketing Handout Design
Time Management & Goal Setting Review
Starting a New Client Details & Paperwork
Billing & Coding Overview
Detailed Strategic Business Growth Plan
6 month coaching container: monthly strategy sessions & unlimited access on our client messaging app
Access to our "Hiring Your Team" Module including employment apps, agreements, & best practices for hiring

Right now is a really busy time for me, is this course structured or can I go at my own pace?

This entire Academy is go at your own pace. Why? Because we want you to take your time! Go through the content, absorb the material, implement. We have students that have binged everything and gotten their first contract in 2 weeks. We've had others that take a few months to really digest it all. It's absolutely up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to quit my day

Absolutely NOT! In fact, we recommend our students keep their current positions until their new business can support them financially. There are multiple ways to do this - some students already have a day or more off during the week. Others may take more PRN positions to be able to have at least one day per week to work their biz. Others will change their working days - for example, doing 4, 10 hour days to have one day off per week to focus on building their business.

How long to I have access to the
course content?

This course is a LIFETIME course, friends! What does this mean for you? It means you can take your time going through the material without a deadline. This also means you've got 24/7 access to everything that's waiting for you now and, and to anything that comes down the pike in the future!

What's the revenue potential of this business?

This is one of the most important questions to figure out when starting your own business. The average revenue potential for a mobile ultrasound business is $1000 per day, gross revenue. At 20 working days per month, having a fully booked schedule, your potential revenue is $20,000 per month, for one sonographer running one machine.

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Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

— shane

“After completing this program I finally started attracting my dream clients.”



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