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We use our 4-Pillar model of success & nearly two decades of experience in ultrasound business growth and strategic planning to help techs start, operate, & grow their businesses. I'd love for you to be next.

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The only thing standing between you as an employee and you as a boss is know how to build and execute.

what if instead of recreating the wheel, you had a mentor that had already been there, and already created a step by step plan to get you where you want to go? 

are you tired of going down the Google rabbit hole, looking for info on how to start and grow your mobile ultrasound business, only to come out the other side more confused than before?

stop. the. madness.


Steal my framework for finding all the business building information you need, so that you can stop spending so much time on Google, and start spending time crafting your business.

your strategy-obsessed ultrasound business coach.


Come hang with me and prepare to elevate every aspect of your business. I've been in your shoes. Why reinvent the wheel when you've got a coach who can help you start and grow your business in half the time at a fraction of the cost? 

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are you ready?

At Advanced Imaging, we put all the puzzle pieces together, so while most people spend time trying to find the answers, our students spend time building their business.

Be in business for yourself.
Not by yourself.

You're either researching, ready to start, or are currently providing services + ready to level up.

 We've got masterclasses + coaching programs for every step of your journey. 

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Stop going down the Google research rabbit hole! From free guides to podcasts and trainings, learn more about the ultrasound business industry.

If you're considering your own ultrasound business, but are nervous to take the leap - you're likely trying to research online, but coming up empty handed. You want to know things like how to put together a market analysis to see what your specific market looks like, you want to understand the details like startup costs and ongoing business expenses...our Masterclasses were created specifically for you.

You've made the decision that starting your own ultrasound business is your right next step, but you're ready to do it with a tried and true, step by step program to get you where you want to go in half the time, at a fraction of the cost. Jen + the team have been working with sonographers across the country for over 15 years - no one in the industry has more experience. With our Ultrasound Business Academy, we'll be by your side with one on one coaching, contracts, sales + marketing training...and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

If you've already started your ultrasound business, and you're ready to up-level your current offerings with strategic coaching, we're here to help in that stage too. The most successful business owners are those that never stop learning and growing.


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