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are you tired of going down the Google rabbit hole, looking for info on how to start and grow your mobile ultrasound business, only to come out the other side more confused than before?

stop. the. madness.


Steal my framework for finding all the business building information you need, so that you can stop spending so much time on Google, and start spending time crafting your business.

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I'm Jennifer.

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Mama, wife, and certified workaholic.
Daily hustle fueled by multiple coffees with cream.
Passion = helping ultrasound techs start and grow their business.

I've been helping techs for over a decade start, operate, and grow their mobile ultrasound business. So stop running the rat race, and start looking at what you can do to stop taking call, stop dealing with the bureaucracy of healthcare, and start providing patient care on your own terms.


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At Advanced Imaging, we put all the puzzle pieces together, so while most people spend time trying to find the answers, our students spend time building their business.

Be in business for yourself.
Not by yourself.

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 I had the ultrasound skills to sell as the services but there were so many other aspects of getting my own business up and going that I had never even considered. The most valuable aspect of what Advanced Imaging Consultants offered was having everything you need, on the business side, bundled together, professional, and at your disposal so you can hit the ground running and start making profits from your business as soon as possible. The period from jumping into your business full-time and making your first paycheck from your business is an absolutely critical time that can make or break all that you've planned and invested and the shorter you can make that time period, the better. 

"There were so many aspects of getting my business up and running that I had never considered."

When I look back on the start-up of my mobile ultrasound business, I can really see the big-picture of how valuable Advanced Imaging Consultants was for me.

    Besides the hands-on approach and constant support through the start-up of your business that AIC provides, they have the experience you can lean on to give you the confidence you need to market your company. AIC was of the utmost value for me and I can easily say that the knowledge, training, coaching, help, and continued support I have received from them was one of the best investments I have ever made. If you want to open your own mobile ultrasound business, this is the group to partner with.

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come hang with me on instagram


come hang with me on instagram


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