If you've been thinking of starting your ultrasound business, you've likely spent time researching online + have likely ended up more confused than when you started!

We've used our decades of experience in our own ultrasound services business, along with our 15+ years of business coaching experience to craft expert masterclasses to help you master the research you need to have in place to bridge the knowledge gap and feel confident in your decision to start your own ultrasound business.  We created these Masterclasses specifically for the sonographer considering their own business, but nervous to take the leap before understanding the basics.


Masterclass Workshops

Your endless research stops HERE.

Made specifically for sonographers ready to gain insight into the basics you need to know, before you're ready to take the leap into business ownership, so that you can make the decision to step into the startup phase confidently.

In these masterclasses, we're covering the following, based on your business model:
  • exactly how to research your specific target market to create your market analysis - a MUST before starting any business venture
  • how to price your services
  • the details you should look at when analyzing your competitors
  • the specifics on your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, + threats
In this masterclass, we're covering:
  • business phases + why they are critical to understand 
  • the 8 main business models to choose from, what they each look like + how to choose yours
  • the startup costs + ongoing biz expenses we'll incur
  • the revenue potential of our business
  • your business startup time line - complete with a "to do" checklist!
  • Worksheets to work through your business planning

Creating your Market Analysis

Planning your Business 101


micro-mastery in:

In this masterclass, we're covering:
  • exactly what goes into a business plan, and why creating one is an absolute must for any business
  • the specific sections that should be included in the plan, complete with a downloadable template to customize specific to your ultrasound business
  • the tools to create your step by step guide for your financials, startup costs, business expenses, etc. and be ready to hit the ground running in the startup phase

Crafting Your Business Plan


Our Masterclasses are online + on-demand, so that you can master the knowledge you need in each foundational area of your potential business.
Consider this the end of your endless trips down Google research rabbit holes.

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