If you answered "yes", then this is the workshop for you.

Are you a sonographer looking to start your own ultrasound business?

start your own 6-figure ultrasound business

starting november 27th at 11am Eastern

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"I'm ready to start seeing patients on my own terms."

save my seat

"I'm tired of working hard for someone else's dream."

"I'm sick of the bureaucracy and would love to be my own boss!"

"I'm so sick of taking call."

"I would love to start my own ultrasound business,

"I want to be able to create my own schedule."

but I just don't know how..."

We hear it


clients who have taken our courses +  programs


years scaling our own ultrasound business


years of coaching experience


of physicians + patients across the country working with our clients

it's time to skip the overwhelm and confusion when it comes to starting your own ultrasound business, and have a plan in place to get you where you want to go.


save my seat

In our 'Start your 6-Figure Ultrasound Business' workshop series, you will learn our proven framework for starting, operating, and growing your own ultrasound business - no matter your ultrasound specialty. And the best part? There's ZERO business experience required

I can't believe the amount of info I learned in an hour!

I haven't been able to find this information anywhere else!

I took SO many notes, thank you!

Wow! This was incredibly helpful.

Designing your dream ultrasound business: diving into the 8 different ways you can start your business + how to use these details to create unlimited income potential

Start your 6-Figure Ultrasound Business Workshop Series

session 1: november 27


Your 6-figure sales strategy: how to create a funnel that takes your prospective physicians or patients from cold lead to closed client

session 2: november 28

Path to profit: we're unlocking the secrets to generating 6-figures and beyond in your own ultrasound business

session 3: november 29

Startup plan: building the foundations to your 6-figure ultrasound business

session 4: november 30

Channeling your inner CEO: mindset is half the battle - we'll dive into upleveling your  mindset to one that will serve you as the new CEO

session 5: December 1

bonus sessions

december 4

Q&A with Jen + the Team

december 5

Client Spotlights + Insight to Action

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What clients are saying about our business building framework...

We hear it

all the time...

If you've ever dreamed of being your own boss, leaving behind the call, the bureaucracy, and taking care of patients on your own terms while creating a business that supports financial + time freedom for you and your family...this workshop is for you.

Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is.

— shane

“After completing this program I finally started attracting my dream clients.”



Jennifer Lindsey

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Jennifer and her business partner, Beau White, started their own ultrasound business nearly 20 years ago, and have helped hundreds of sonographers across the country start, operate, and grow theirs for over a decade. 

They know firsthand the struggles that come with business ownership, and how immensely difficult it is to start a business from scratch without having a mentor to guide you along the way. 

They've built their business into the 7-figure company it is today, and  their workshops, courses, + programs are designed specifically to help others skip over their years of experience with a framework designed to get clients started faster, gain revenue sooner, and grow their businesses to their full potential. 

Jen created the framework for the Coaching division's course and programs to open up access and bridge the knowledge gap so that sonographers have access to the information they need to go from employee to CEO of their own business. 

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